Why Test?

  1. Initial testing provides a starting point and the information a personal trainer; coach, sports scientist or clinician needs to devise an appropriate and successful plan. Progress checks allow on-going assessment of fitness and enable changes to be made to the plan, if necessary.
  2. On-going regular testing also provides a picture of short, medium and long term changes in all aspects of exercise, training performance or general fitness. Tests should be carried out at the beginning of each phase of exercise or training and at specific points during a phase to monitor changes in performance.
  3. Finally, at the end of a plan testing allows a full analysis and review of the plan and contributes to future planning.

Kinetic fitness testing will enable you to ensure your own training methods are working effectively, whilst here you can seek advice from our professional coaches should you need advice and assistance on your journey
Knowing where your fitness is today and how your physiology reacts as you ride will enable you and your coach to help you train efficiently and ride or race optimally. The single best predictor of performance for today’s cyclists is the power you can produce at threshold, also known as critical power or functional power. Training exactly at your threshold power is great, but slightly below or above threshold power is just as important. This can also be done via heart rate in a similar way so don’t panic if you have got a power meter. Most riders start with heart rate and move to power. At Kinetic we are skilled in using both systems to progress you towards your goals.
Kinetic works with several clubs and uses its own professional studio and facilities at Glasgow University. For individual riders we would accommodate via our studio in Sprockets Cycle Shop in Kilmarnock. Riders not able to attend the studio would be offered professional field tests and knowledge of how to perform regular maintenance tests.

Kinetic works with Watt Bikes plus a range of the leading smart trainers.

fitness testing plans

  • • This test is a great starting place for riders with no fitness data. This test estimates aerobic capacity. The average power and maximum heart rate achieved during the test can be used to calculate heart rate and power training zones for riders. Aerobic capacity is related to the ability to perform moderate to high intensity exercise for prolonged periods and is an important component for endurance cyclists and for general fitness.
  • • The test will also present pedal efficiency data so that riders can have tweaks made to pedalling, cleats and positioning to enable they maximise every pedal stroke
  • • Riders will receive a professional feedback analysis report within 48 hours of the test.
  • • Procedure: 10 min bike set up: 20 min warm up: 3 min test: 10 min rec ride
  • • The test is great for riders wanting a precise functional threshold score and is ideally performed after collecting data from a 3 min test. The data from this test is very powerful for time trial riders and road racers as well as sportive riders looking to maximise their training time.
  • • The test will provide the rider with power and heart rate training zones, pedal efficiency scores, power/weight data, predicted VO2 max data and an accurate functional threshold data in both power (watts) and heart rate.
  • • Riders will receive a professional feedback analysis report within 48 hours of the test.
  • • Procedure: 10 min bike set up: 20 min warm up: 20 min test: 10 min rec ride
  • • The classic and infamous sprinter test known as the Wingate Anaerobic 30 cycle Test (WANT) was developed during the 1970s at the Wingate institute in Israel and is used to determine an athlete's peak anaerobic power and anaerobic capacity. This test is suitable for sprinters and track riders and for those riders who wish to improve their road race sprint.
  • • Riders will receive a professional feedback analysis report within 48 hours of the test.
  • • Procedure: 10 min bike set up: 20 min warm up: 30 sec test: 10 min rec ride